Sarek i mitt hjärta

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"At Skarja, one of the few bridges in Sarek. Smajlajjåhkå is impossible to cross."

Sarek i mitt hjärta, a nostalgic photo map by Per Åsander

(EN Sarek in my heart)

Between 1969 and 2004 Per Åsander hiked in his heart's favourite place Sarek. A hard to reach wilderness in the northwest of Swedish Lapland.

During the winter months of 2019 he went back to Sarek, to the photo albums of his past journeys, and started retracing his steps, one photo at a time. While his map seems to be under continuous development, here's some photo highlights from different spots in the map that inspire us.

"On our way from Alggavagge"
"Mihkajiegna. One of Sarek's melting glaciers. The first time I was there in 1969 it was notably larger than in my last visit 2004."
"Me at the Summit of Sarektjåhkko, Swedens 3rd highest peak at 2089 m."
"Alggavare chapel at Alggajavrre where they still hold summer ceremonies"

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