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Spots like Boat, Beach, Burger, Breakfast comes in handy for that island escape

And impress the friends

Whether you're off to an island, packing out for a lunch, or just looking to meet up in an undiscovered spot. A map of your next field trip will get everyone in the same place.

First, kick the map off by placing spots for your destination. Maybe you've got several attractions in mind, like great views, beautiful buildings or a hidden beach? Carry on placing spots for the basics, like your meet up location, parking and where you'll be eating, and continue with spots for the landscape. Maybe name a lake, a river, add a cave or a road.

When your map feels just right it's time to invite the people. First though, make sure to add the necessary information in the map description to get everyone paddling in the same direction, like what to pack and what to expect.

With Stigen maps you decide whether your map is open for everyone or for members only. This trip is for a select few so you set a password for your map and share that with the map link. All your friends can access the map on the web, but those with the iOSĀ app will get a much better experience with comments and a lots of other small things.

Enjoy your trip!


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