Folkets kartor.
Cartes par le peuple.
Ihmisten tekemiä karttoja.
Maps by the people.

Beyond the marked up trails and perfectly planned streets, is a world we can’t see. A landscape of stories that lives within the people. That’s the world we’re looking for.

Per Åsander, Torvkåtan

Maps by the people

With Stigen you create maps from your own interests. Unlike ordinary apps that tries to squeeze the world into one map, Stigen is a world of small unique maps. Maps made by the people.

Lunch in the wild

The world is not mapped yet

Maps today take you to the places of commercial interest. The marked up trails and trending spots. But the world outside has thousands of stories to tell and perspectives to uncover. Our world is just so much more than coffee shops and the fastest route to IKEA.

Find yourself

Maps trigger our curiosity for our surroundings. They are the interface for everything around us and makes us appreciate the world a bit more.

Maps to get lost in

Stigen maps are like small keys to unique experiences someone has crafted from their own local knowledge or interest.

We believe that in your area alone thousands of place stories are just waiting to be mapped. Secrets and knowledge only the people there know about. With Stigen in your pocket, you have a tool to inspire others to new views.

My own map story started in a hot and humid jungle lab where the mapping of tropical forests became a seed that slowly grew. In a cold Sweden, 7 years later, I marked a pine tree sitting on a rock in a map and shared it with my village neighbours.

I’m still looking for odd trees, but now, more than 1500 other people have joined me creating maps on Stigen. Each from their own unique perspective.

Robin, Founder, detour advocate, and searcher of odd trees

Säg det med kartor.
Dites-le avec des cartes.
Sano se karttoilla.
Say it with maps.