We're happy happy to finally offer Stigen Studio as an extension to the app. While we’re at it, new clients get a 20% discount.
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Stigen Studio helps organisations say it with maps.

When you want to

Drive health benefits.
Explain your surroundings.
Communicate events.
Inspire to exploration.
Report from the ground.
Respond urgently.

We can help

We help you create maps that says something about people’s surroundings, inspiring them to get out, or learn something new.

Maps are the interface for what’s around us and your maps can engage people to explore the world.

There's lots of ways to build your place brand, or market your destination. The visiting agency of Arvika in Sweden introduced the world to Waffle Bingo last summer to highlight small village cafés. Eat your waffles in Arvika!

image of a Stigen map on an iPhone

From special spots and custom map styles, to field work and communication. We help you all the way, getting your view of the world out there. We can stretch the boundaries of Stigen’s platform to fit your idea, or go completely off script with custom builds.

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Introducing: Web maps, Member maps and a completely new spot library!

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