"Really fun to create your own maps. The only limit is your imagination!"

*Translated from Swedish

Per Åsander

"Stigen has become a standard tool for a map nerd like me. From mapping old memories like my summer hikes in Sarek to using Stigen as my travel diary, or lately, to remember mushroom places as I explore new parts of Sweden. "

Visit one of Per's maps:

Sarek i mitt hjärta


"Finally found a map where I can add my favourite spots! Easy to use, just the right amount of features, and the actual basemap is great with more small roads and trails than most other maps."

*Translated from Swedish


“Now I’ve found Stigen and think it’s just amazing. There’s so many maps I’d like to create on Stigen, from women’s history to houses with certain styles of architecture or from a certain era!”

Visit one of Terese's maps:

Historiska byggnader i Töcksfors

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