Stigen for Airbnb Hosts

Create and share unique maps with your guests and give them memories beyond your four walls.

"We got a fantastic map of the area"

You've probably done it already, left a paper map on the kitchen counter, or a note of places you recommend? Maybe you've even told your guests about the area history?

With Stigen you have a ready-made toolset of 70 unique spot types that you can place on how many small, unique, funny, quirky, maps as you want.

Afternoon dog walk, Breakfast places, Great views, Getting around the block?

From Basic spot types such as WIFI, Parking, Transportation to Landscape spots such as Cave, Park and River. Tell the story of your place and let guests check off spots in your maps as they visit them.

With over 5 million listings now on Airbnb, providing memories beyond just a place to stay is a smart way of getting heard in the noise.

Download Stigen for iPhone or iPad today and get started with creating a map of the neighbourhood, must-see places and anything else you can think of that makes a stay special.

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