Maps for kids

For kids, adventure is everywhere and it doesn’t take a lot for them to get inspired. For us parents it’s not as easy to get into adventure mode on a standard Tuesday afternoon. Can a map help?

Tuesday image hunt

Whether you live in the city, or in the woods, image hunts are an engaging and fun way to use maps for your kids.

Take a walk outside and snap a photo of things that you’d like your kids to discover.

Add a unique spot on the right location with your image attached. That’s it!

When your kids move through the map they can see their position and the image they’re looking for. To complete the map they must snap the exact same photo and post to the spot.

A great way to use those screens to get out and explore the surroundings. And a new take on the classic treasure map.

Check out “Bildjakt Sågudden” by @visitarvika. The map is in Swedish, but a good reference regardless your language.

Hitta bilderna och ta ett exakt likadant foto som bevis.

Thursday draw quest

Much like image hunts, draw quests engage kids in both the surroundings and their own creativity.

Find things in your neighbourhood, village, or area that you think kids will enjoy drawing. Add suitable spot types with instructions in your map and off you go!

Make sure to bring pen and paper.
Walk, bike or skate to get there.

If you’re not breaking any laws, leave the kids drawings at the location 🤓 . Imagine if the world we’re painted with kids drawings ❤️

Maps are great carrots

Pokémon Go had kids chasing gaming characters around town. But could we get kids to look up from their screens and explore the actual world?

We often talk about giving kids “carrots” or small motivators. Maps are great carrots.

If you’ve created an engaging map for your kids, you’ve turned screen time into adventure time.

We’d love to hear your ideas on maps for kids. Ping us on Facebook och Instagram, or why not a classic email  😊

Skapa och dela dina egna Stigen-kartor!