Eat your waffles in Arvika

The visiting agency of Arvika in Värmland, Sweden was the first official agency to test Stigen out during the first half of the summer. They did it with a waffle map.

Put lots of money into an event, or show people where they can eat waffles?

There's lots of ways to build your place brand, or market your destination. The visiting agency of Arvika have opened up the world of maps created for specific experiences this summer with "Våffelkartan, Arvika sommar -19".

Anyone who posts waffle-eating selfies at each spot wins the attractive Waffle Sticker of 2019. No one have done it yet.

Something tells us we've only scratched the surface of funny visitor maps. What do you think?

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Ät Arvikas alla sommarvåfflor och vinn årets Våffelmärke!

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